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Google Apps Script 2020: Build 16+ Fun Projects Sites GSuite
  • Certification included
  • Experience level required: All levels
  • Access 233 lectures & 21 hours of content 24/7
  • Length of time users can access this course: Lifetime

Course Curriculum

233 Lessons (21h)

  • Your First Program
  • Getting started with Google Apps Script Projects Course
    Introduction Google Scripts Projects3:44
  • Introduction to Google Apps Script
    Start Google Apps Script1:19
    0 Google Apps Script Introduction2:35
    1 Getting Started with Apps Script3:51
    2 Apps Script Editor7:24
    3 Create a Document6:38
    4 Create a Spreadsheet4:34
    5 JavaScript in Apps Script Variables5:19
    6 JavaScript in Apps Script Arrays6:06
    7 JavaScript in Apps Script Objects4:42
    8 JavaScript in Apps Script Functions3:41
    9 JavaScript in Apps Script Conditions3:31
    10 JavaScript in Apps Script Loops2:46
    11 Apps Script Coding3:18
    12 Create a Web App5:54
    13 Google Apps Script Email4:31
    14 Google Apps Script Calendar3:27
    15 Google Apps Script Drive6:56
    16 Google Apps Script Conclusion22:25
  • Form Submission auto response with Google Sheets and Apps Script
    0 Introduction Google Scripts3:29
    1 Google Forms Setup4:59
    2 Send Email via Script9:03
    3 Setup Trigger v27:05
    4 Copy to another Sheet8:55
    5 Copy content on Submit4:33
    6 Sheet data sorter4:38
    7 Check Sheet Data for Value7:17
    8 Quick Fixes and Updates2:13
    9 Update Spreadsheet UI3:58
    10 Conclusion Spreadsheet Data3:59
  • Advanced Services YouTube API made easy with Google Apps Script
    0 Introduction youTube Project2:47
    1 Project Setup Google Apps Script3:27
    2 Search YouTube3:44
    3 Use Data Results From Search3:54
    4 Create a Web App5:34
    5 Create HTML index page6:58
    6 Get Data from Google Script3:47
    7 Output Results to HTML Page4:14
    8 Output Results to HTML Page 26:19
    9 Output Results to HTML Page 32:46
    10 Add to Spreadsheet5:05
    11 Code Review youTube Project5:09
  • Spreadsheet UI email functionality
    0 Email from Spreadsheet Introduction4:38
    1 Google Apps Script Bound Script2:25
    2 Start Scripting6:59
    3 Get Values from Spreadsheet3:51
    4 Create User Object4:51
    5 Alert UI Buttons Yes No3:52
    6 HTML Template4:42
    7 Send Email Message3:12
    8 Update Spreadsheet column4:43
    9 Final Code Review5:01
  • Fun with Spreadsheet series of mini projects that are useful for many projects
    0 SpreadsheetApp Introduction2:45
    1 Bound Script Starter Lesson5:11
    2 Add More Content to Spreadsheet10:50
    3 Spreadsheet Formulas5:29
    4 Update Sheet Content7:17
    5 Spreadsheet UI4:44
    6 Finder and Replace Content5:23
    7 Finder and Replace Content 29:52
    8 Get Cell Values7:15
    9 Get Content as HTML8:11
    10 Email Spreadsheet HTML table3:32
    11 Copy Spreadsheet as PDF5:33
    12 Copy Spreadsheet as PDF 25:48
    13 Copy Spreadsheet as PDF 33:41
    14 Content Copy5:23
    15 Search Drive Files2:58
    16 Search Drive Files 25:48
    v17 Value Checker if Exists6:29
    18 Course Conclusion Code Review7:49
  • API Data From Spreadsheet
    0 Google Get Post Web API Introduction3:00
    1 Web Developer Setup5:02
    2 Write Google Apps Script3:38
    3 Get Spreadsheet Data5:59
    4 Web App Content5:29
    5 Connect to WebApp URL5:15
    6 Post Data to Sheet7:07
    7 WebApp POST3:23
    8 Add POST to Spreadsheet5:25
    9 DeBug and Clean Web App5:19
    10 Application Conclusion Code review5:28
  • Google Drive Image Gallery
    0 Introduction Image Gallery2:26
    1 Web Application Setup5:58
    2 Google Script Web App5:36
    3 Get Drive Images9:14
    4 Connect to WebApp JSON4:22
    5 Create Page Elements3:10
    6backup JavaScript Popup Image Modal Part 26:56
    7 JavaScript Popup Image Modal Part 23:53
    8 Code Review Image Gallery8:09
  • Google Apps Script Make Images HTML5 Canvas save to Gdrive
    0 Image Uploader Project Introduction2:56
    1 Google Apps Script Web App4:25
    2 Images as base646:52
    3 Base64 image client side7:06
    4 Client Side Options4:27
    5 Client Side JavaScript7:11
    6 Add Text to Canvas5:00
    7 Add Logo to Canvas2:37
    8 Upload Image to Canvas6:46
    9 Save Canvas Image to gDrive4:17
    10 Google Apps Script Save Image7:27
    11 Final Tweaks and Updates5:20
    12 Image Uploader Project Conclusion6:55
  • Google Apps Script WYSIWYG editor and email HTML maker
    0 HTML Editor Introduction4:04
    1 WYSIWYG Project Setup4:25
    2 Create a Apps Script Web App4:48
    3 Output File in Web App3:19
    4 Client Side Coding Project4:45
    5 Client Side Request Values3:56
    6 Create Editor on Client Side4:43
    7 Client Side Options Setup5:08
    8 Add Button Events4:19
    9 Add Button Events 22:42
    10 Save HTML as file to gDrive 15:02
    11 Save HTML as file to gDrive 27:10
    12 Save HTML as file to gDrive 34:59
    13 Load File Names as options3:29
    14 Existing Files Options4:25
    15 Load File Contents HTML4:18
    16 Add File Names7:59
    17 Create as PDF File7:54
    18 Send HTML Email5:03
    19 Final Project Conclusion Editor R11:13
    20 Load File By ID into Editor R7:18
  • Google Apps Script Form Submission Send Email
    0 Course Introduction4:32
    1 Google Script Setup5:06
    2 Create Form3:33
    3 Google Apps Script4:25
    4 Setup Form Trigger6:02
    5 On Form Submit4:47
    6 Send Email8:00
    7 Object Send Email6:08
    8 Final Tweaks and Testing6:26
  • Google Apps Script PDF uploader Project
    0 PDF Uploader Project Section3:03
    1 Getting started with Apps Script3:41
    2 Create a simple Script6:14
    3 Spreadsheet App11:59
    4 Update Spreadsheet content4:52
    5 Get Content from Spreadsheet7:52
    6 Add Content to Spreadsheet7:23
    7 Spreadsheet content4:57
    8 Create Web App6:00
    9 Templated HTML webApp7:33
    10 Sheet Values on Client Side8:29
    11 Upload PDF to Drive8:36
    12 Upload PDF to Drive 29:56
    13 Upload PDF to Drive 37:30
    14 Project Review Conclusion10:33
  • Google Sites
    Quick Start Google Sites0:57
    0 Google Sites Introduction3:42
    1 Introduction to Google Sites2:29
    2 Getting Started with Sites4:21
    3 Looks and Feel Themes4:02
    4 Page Layouts4:26
    5 Add more Pages6:14
    6 Publish Site2:47
    7 Delete Restore Site2:39
    8 Add Images, Files and Scripts5:40
    9 Add Google Script Web App4:23
    10 More Content Options25:00
    11 Google Sites Conclusion2:49
  • Gmail App Class Get Email Threads Email Image Project
    0 Image Gmail to Drive Project Introduction section1:51
    1 Get inbox threads5:14
    2 View GmailThread Info7:33
    3 check for attachments7:49
    4 Copy Image To GDrive5:02
    5 Move Emails Add Labels5:34
    6 Get Active User2:28
    7 Move Image to Folder Project 16:37
    8 = Move Image to Folder Project 28:57
    9 Code Review and Conclusion5:20
  • WebApp Sheet data as API
    0 Sheet Data as JSON API Introduction3:17
    1 Create Google Script3:52
    2 Use HtmlService createHtmlOutput8:26
    3 parameters in the URL6:28
    4 Client side - Server Side Code5:31
    5 Output from a file8:30
    6 Spreadsheet Data8:21
    7 Spreadsheet Data 22:33
    8 Data as JSON Output5:09
    9 SheetData as JSON Output2:37
    10 WebPage Connection Fetch6:10
    11 Request parameters3:18
    12 Request parameters 24:52
    13 Sheet Data as JSON API Conclusion1:19
  • Google Apps Script Consent Form Exercise - JavaScript Cloud
    Introduction Google Apps Script Consent Form Exercise2:30
    1 Setup Google Script4:23
    2 Developer Environment11:44
    3 HtmlService Output HTML6:15
    4 HtmlService Try and Catch2:34
    5 HTML form submission to GS9:16
    6 Google Script RUN5:19
    7 SpreadSheet App add data10:06
    8 Send and Email with PDF of Doc10:28
    9 Add to Sites4:59
    10 Source Code Overview6:18
  • Google Sheets as JSON data source for JavaScript
    0 Spreadsheet as JSON introduction2:07
    1 SpreadSheet Setup4:33
    2 Google SpreadSheet as JSON5:12
    3 JavaScript Fetch JSON5:48
    4 Get JSON Promiseall JavaScript Example9:59
    5 Code explained JavaScript Map8:15
    6 Code explained JavaScript Promise All5:59
    7 Spreadsheet Data Clean Up JSON10:58
    8 Build the object using Sheet name4:20
    9 Output Sheet data to HTML5:03
  • Google Apps Script - Project Exercise Spreadsheet web app Team Site on Sites
    0 Team Site Introduction2:21
    0 Google Script Google Sites Project23:07
    1 Google Apps Script Introduction4:02
    2 Google Apps Script Create First Script5:50
    3 Run your Script make things Happen10:23
    4 Output HTML Create webapp5:31
    5 Create Index page as HTML7:29
    6 Get user Session Email1:24
    7 Build Client Side Code JavaScript5:30
    8 Get Spreadsheet content to client side8:40
    9 JavaScript Build Post Output4:15
    10 Build Output Items4:10
    11 Bring web app into Google Sites6:32
    12 Submit a new post to Spreadsheet6:25
    13 Send Data to Google Script8:58
    14 Google Script Sort Column Data5:01
    15 Detect URL parameter Page number5:51
    16 Add Pagination Pages for posts28:32
    17 Add Pagination Pages part 26:19
    18 Add Pagination Pages part 3-211:30
    19 Application Tweaks3:43
    20 Remove Record from Spreadsheet7:23
    21 Update Spreadsheet data remove row6:28
    22 Date Sort Bug Fixes3:23
    23 Style and Updated View Content7:50
    24 Final Tweaks6:47

Google Apps Script 2020: Build 16+ Fun Projects Sites GSuite

Laurence Svekis

Laurence Svekis | Instructor | Google Development Expert | Application Developer

4.3/5 Instructor Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★
Laurence Svekis is an innovative technology expert with a wide range of real-world experience providing smart digital solutions online for both small and enterprise-level businesses. He has been providing Web development courses and digital marketing strategy courses since 2002.

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Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite. This course gives you an introduction to Google Apps Script. Find out how it works, get a quick refresher on JavaScript fundamentals like variables, arrays, objects, loops, functions, and conditions. Try it out and see with just a few lines of code how you can create a doc, spreadsheet access the Google Calendar add events and send emails with Script. This course comes with 16 projects that you need to build while you learn.

1,082 positive reviews from 7,640 students enrolled

  • Access 233 lectures & 21 hours of content 24/7
  • Build amazing web apps
  • Connect to your Google Spreadsheet as a source of data for your website
  • Emails users with the power of Gmail
  • Track users in a spreadsheet
  • Get messages from users right into a spreadsheet
  • Share content of your drive


  • Form Submission auto response
  • YouTube API - Connect to YouTube
  • Spreadsheet User data Project
  • Spreadsheet Mini Projects
  • Spreadsheet Data as API JSON
  • GDrive Image Gallery
  • HTML5 Canvas image uploade
  • HTML editor saving HTML files
  • Simple Auto Response
  • PDF Uploader
  • GmailApp
  • WebApp Sheet Data as API
  • Consent Form Exercise: JS Cloud
  • Google Sheets, JSON data source for JS
  • Build a team site on sites
  • Simple Google Sheet input

"I am very pleased with this course, it has great real-life examples. The teacher explained it all in depth and it is easy to follow. Thanks Laurence!" – Ivan Josipovic


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